Paragraph mania

We  have planned a new class version of our Lost and Found story .  We changed the story map and then cut it up into paragraphs.

Using our original boxing up we sorted the parts we thought went  into each section ready to box up the class version.  It was a fab way to plan our paragraphs….. Will we use them in our writing ? (Hope so! )


The mission is set, if you choose to accept it…….

You have three weeks, including half term, to plan, design and make your own ship.  The Sir David Attenborough is being built as we speak to send explorers  to the South Pole.  It must have room to accommodate all the scientists and explorers, hold all their equipment, have room for the food and all the technology they will need to carry out their mission.  Lives depend on this ship being able to float!  Will yours meet the challenge when we put it to the test at the end of November?

You can make your ships from anything you like, Lego, card, wood, junk modelling , straws –  its up to you… just remember to test it!

Good luck all you designers out there!